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First Priority Life Insurance in Pennsylvania

Products from First Priority Life Insurance Company

If healthcare is your priority, then the First Priority Life Insurance Company can deliver. It provides Pennsylvanians with a choice from several individual healthcare plans:

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  • BlueCare Direct provides affordability through lower monthly premiums; flexibility through deductible options, choices of physicians and hospitals in Pennsylvania and throughout the country; and a spectacular range of benefits, including health and wellness programs, and prescription drug coverage. 
  • The BlueCare Cooperative Plan is a healthcare plan for both individuals, as well as their families. The plan combines the healthcare professionals of Highmark Blue Shield and the facilities of Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania. This plan grants preventive benefits such as pediatric immunizations and yearly screening mammograms. Also, you can reduce your out-of-pocket costs by using providers affiliated with Blue Cross and Blue Shield.
  • BlueCare Student benefit plan is a Highmark Blue Shield and Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania plan for college students who are studying full-time. The plan offers yearlong coverage for medical/surgical and hospital bills. The low rates are ideal for a student’s tight budget. 
  • BlueCare Major Medical was created to complement the hospital and medical/surgical benefits of BlueCare Student Benefit Plan and BlueCare Cooperative Plan. BlueCare Major Medical provides coverage for costs that exceed the basic benefits of BlueCross and BlueField. These include prescription drugs, required physician visits and ambulance services.
  • First Priority Health also offers the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This program has been expanded in Pennsylvania, providing healthcare for all uninsured children and teenagers. Every eligible child and teen who is ineligible for Medical Assistance and meets the requirements for eligibility, can now receive complete health insurance. Numerous families can avail of CHIP at no cost to themselves. 

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