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Highmark Health Insurance of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania residents should consider allowing Highmark Blue Shield’s healthcare coverage to protect them. During the 1930s, the predecessor companies of Highmark were created to make healthcare affordable for Pennsylvanians. Today, the company’s mission remains unchanged. Established in 1996, Highmark Blue Shield is now one of the United States’ largest provides of health insurance.

Products from Highmark, Pennsylvania

Highmark Blue Shield can offer the perfect health insurance plan for your specific needs. For individuals and families, Highmark provides several types of guaranteed-issue and medically underwritten plans. Whether you want to reduce out-of-pocket expenses for doctors’ visits or keep your monthly costs low, Highmark Blue Shield can deliver.

On the other hand, several options exist to cover companies and groups. You can choose a plan that meets the needs of you and your Pennsylvanian employees. Also, through BlueChoice, employees can select their own healthcare plan, through the pioneering consumer-driven program.

If you are a Medicare recipient, Highmark Blue Shield can also provide an ideal healthcare plan. Whether you need a Part D coverage for your prescription drugs, or additional benefits to Medicare (i.e. hearing and vision coverage) via a Medicare Advantage plan, Highmark can provide the perfect healthcare plan for you.

Highmark’s Medicare plans include:

  • BlueRX: These Medicare Prescription Drug Plans provide a needed service to Pennsylvanians
  • FreedomBlue PFFS: The Provate Fee-for-Service (PFFFS)plan provides several services and fewer restrictions
  • FreedomBlue PPO: This Medicare Advantage Preferred-Provider Organization (PPO) covers all healthcare needs.
  • MedigapBlue: These Medicare Supplement Programs cover many costs that Original Medicare does not
  • Signature 65: This plan complements Medicare coverage and is offered exclusively through a trust fund or employer group

Pennsylvania Health Insurance does not issue health insurance policies and is not an insurer. The research and product details provided on this site are for informational purposes only. The coverage options and policies discussed on this site may not be available to everyone and differ by state; no guarantees regarding same are made herein.

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