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Keystone Health Plan in Pennsylvania

Keystone Health Plan, a subsidiary of Independence Blue Cross, is one of the largest insurers in Pennsylvania, with over 2 million members locally.

Products from Keystone Health Plan

Keystone Health Plan offers four health insurance plans for federal employees.

PPO Health Plans

  1. Basic Option Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

    With the Basic Option Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), you are not required to choose a Primary Care Physician or referrals to visit a specialist. However, you are required to use providers in the network, for your healthcare. The majority of services have a single co-payment for primary care services and specialists. In addition, no deductibles and referrals exist.

  2. Blue Cross Blue Shield Standard Option PPO plan

    Next, with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Standard Option PPO plan, you can benefit from covered services that providers both in and out of the network, perform. Nevertheless, out-of-pocket expenses will be lower when using providers within the network. This PPO plan features standard co-payments for office visits, a yearly deductible for particular services, a preferred mail service and preferred retail prescription drug program, and benefits that apply for providers that are either preferred or non-preferred.

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HMO Health Plans

  1. The Keystone High Option

    The Keystone High Option plan functions as a health maintenance organization (HMO). In other words, your primary care physician (PCP) manages all of your needs within your Keystone network, and refers the majority of your specialty care needs. Features of the Keystone HMO High Option include no deductible, no coinsurance, specialty care that your PCP manages, a huge network that includes about 200 hospitals and more than 30,000 physicians, complete benefits for travelers and students outside of the region, and programs to treat chronic conditions.

  2. Keystone Health Plan Standard Option HMO

    Lastly, you could choose the Keystone Health Plan Standard Option HMO. This provides out-of-pocket costs that are higher, a deducible, and coinsurance. Features include wellness programs that are free-of-charge, specialty care referrals that your PCP manages, and programs to treat chronic conditions.

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