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Low-Income Health Plans in Pennsylvania

Low-income Pennsylvania families do have alternative options when they do not have employer health insurance. The following are some Pennsylvania health insurance outlets that cater to low-income individuals:

Federal Low-Income Health Programs

Medicare and Medicaid are two federal health insurance programs that are available to individuals that meet certain requirements. Medicare is available to individuals over 65, individuals on social security disability, and individuals that have end-stage renal disease (kidney failure).

Medicaid is available to anyone, regardless of age, who does not have an income that is sufficient to afford health insurance coverage. For additional information on Medicare, contact the U.S. Health Care Financing Administration Regional Office in Philadelphia at (215) 596-1335. For more information concerning Medicaid, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare at (800) 692-7462.

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Pennsylvania offers a Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) to uninsured children under the age of 19 whose parents make too much to qualify the family for Medicaid but not enough to be able to afford individual health insurance.

Additionally, the state of Pennsylvania offers a health insurance program called adultBasic that offers individuals between 19 and 64 health insurance assistance. Individuals must meet certain income guidelines and eligibility requirements. For more information on either of these programs, contact the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance at (877) 881-6388.

Health Savings Accounts

A great individual and family health insurance option for those who do not qualify for the above programs is a health saving account (HSA) insurance plan. HSAs have high deductibles that must be paid before any insurance coverage begins. However, after the deductible is met, HSAs generally pay 100% of medical costs.

The monthly premium is significantly lower on a HSA insurance plan than on traditional health insurance plans, and it even comes with a savings account that allows tax-free contributions and withdrawals.

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